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If you believe you've received abusive queries from my service, or have some other abuse report, this page details how to report it

Before you submit a report, please familiarise yourself with the Privacy Policy so that you understand what data is and isn't recorded, and what will and will not be provided.

If you believe your report is compliant with our policies (and relevant law) then please submit a report via email to

abusedi7crd1dnntaska.ir e

A response will be sent as soon as is reasonably possible

Please note that requests to block any given name will not be entertained through this contact. If a name is genuinely an Ad or Phishing domain then please request blocking through the appropriate channels:

Reports of overblocking should also be made in those locations.

General Contact

Non abuse contact should be made to the following address. Please be aware that responses may take quite some time

supdi7tdnntaska.ir e

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