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The primary aim of the service is to provide a means for users to resolve names without being subjected to Government mandated snooping or ISP orchestrated DNS Hijacking and interference.

This service allows you to send your queries encrypted so that your ISP can neither record your question, nor record (or change) the answer.

However, providing privacy often comes at a cost - an increased chance of attempts at misuse, whether by users or those trying to affect the answers that legitimate users receive

This service therefore implements some restrictions, and uses some techniques in order to protect both itself and you

Additional mechanisms and restrictions may be implemented at any time without notice.

Block lists

Advertising on the Internet started out very simple, but over time has grown from simple image embeds to involving the execution of masses of arbitrary code being served by unknown third parties without your permission. It's no surprise given this that Malvertising (malware embedded in adverts) has been on the rise for years.

Today, whatever their intentions, the reality is that advertising networks pose a very real and significant threat to the safety of your system. As if this were not bad enough, most will also track and profile you in order to better "target" their adverts (which may or may not deliver malware).

Today's advertising networks are an all-to-convenient vehicle for delivery of malware.

This service uses blocklists from a variety of sources in order to block advertising and tracking domains, known malware domains and Phishing domains.

At time of launch, the following block list were being ingested, processed and used

Provider Type Feed Link
Steven Black Adware and Malware link
Malware Domains Malware link
Cameleon Ads link
Zeus Tracker Malware link
Disconnect.me Trackers link
Disconnect.me Ads link
Hosts-file Ads link
My Adblock Lists Domain List Ads and Trackers link
My Adblock Lists Zone List Ads and Trackers link
Phishing Army Phishing link
Mark Tron Fake News link
Sinfonietta Shock/Snuff link

Although the inclusion of Fake News and Snuff in the lists may seem controversial to some, at time of addition the fakenews list only contained sites which were - verifiably - circulating "news" which was untrue. The "snuff" list consists of just 18 domains.

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