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DNS: Information we collect

The information collected between DoT and DoH differs very slightly, so the relevant aspects are listed seperately for each below. The collection and processing of the following data is based upon the Lawful Basis of GDPR Section 6(1)(f) - Legitimate Interests




Some additional data is recorded, but not tied back to your specific query (or IP) in any form

The majority of data (except for the aggregated stats) is stored in log files in order to monitor the health of the service. Old log files are regularly cleaned, and so are only stored temporarily. Logs will generally be rotated out after 7 days, but may need to be kept longer if they're required in the course of an investigation.

DNS: Information we Share

DoT (no ECS)


DoT (with ECS)

Part of your IP address (/24 for IPv4, /56 for IPv6) will be sent to upstream DNS servers in order to aid geo-routing (allowing CDNs to returns Pops close to you rather than those close to our DNS servers).


If your DoH queries have ECS enabled, then part of your IP address (/24 for IPv4, /56 for IPv6) will be sent to upstream DNS servers. This allows Geo-Routing systems (such as those used by CDNs) to determine which servers to route you to so that you get the fastest response.

Your DoH client may well have a setting to prevent this:

no_ecs = true
network.trr.disable-ECS: true

If you do this, then most geo-routing systems will calculate your location based on the location of whichever of my DNS servers contacts it, which may lead to poor performance for latency-sensitive services (such as video streaming)

Legal Reasons

We reserve the right to share your personal information for legal reasons, including but not limited to:

We obviously cannot share any information that we do not have (because we don't collect it, or because it's already been erased)


You may choose to terminate your use of the service at any point by changing the DNS servers you have configured on your client. If you wish to write to request deletion of your data, please write to the Abuse Contact. However, deletion will be on a best-effort basis as the majority of data is recorded anonymously, so it will not be possible for us to locate all data related to you.


This Privacy Policy may be modified at any point without notice. By continuing to use the service you agree to be bound by it.

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